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False Prophet - Dr Owuor: Christian Conversion of Kenyan Raila Odinga

Endtime Article - E.0100

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1. Many people are being deceived by Dr. David Owuor, a self proclaimed prophet.  He has ten videos about his vision of the Black Horse (  I have watched all of them and reviewed them as well as several other ones, including the one of him praying publicly with the Prime Minister of Kenya, (the video is called "Dr, Owuor Kenya Prime Minister Raila Odinga Receives Christ":  There are many fake evangelists who are white men – Reinhardt Bonnke, Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley, and many more.  But, Dr Owuor is one who is deceiving his own people in Africa, and speaking against the television evangelists while teaching the same types of heresies himself that the television evangelists teach.


2. But, before talking about Dr Owuor, let me say some things about Raila Odinga, the current Prime Minister of Kenya, whom Dr Owuor claims became a Christian while publicly praying with him (in the video above). 

a. Odinga claims to be the cousin of President Barak Obama, who was reportedly born in Kenya, and whose families are both from the same Luo tribe in Kenya.  Whether for political reasons or because of his own religious beliefs, Odinga has aligned himself with radical Muslims and reportedly made a deal with Sheik Abdullahi Abdi, the chairman of the National Muslim Leaders Forum, that he would institute Muslim sharia law in Kenya, if he was elected as president. (The president of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki, is from a different tribe – the Kikuyu.)


b. Much misinformation has circulated regarding Odinga, undoubtedly in part because of his own practice of being ambiguous. But what is clear is that American President, Barack Obama, campaigned for Odinga while Obama was a U.S. Senator; and one can draw credible conclusions about a person by watching who supports them. Among other ungodly characteristics, Obama is the most pro-Muslim president to have taken the White House.


c. Before providing any support to Obama or Odinga, the reader would be well-advised to research the Muslim doctrine of "taqiyya" - the Islamic practice of concealing ones' true beliefs, and lying, to advance the cause of Islam.


d. In 2007, Odinga ran against Kibaki for president and lost the election to him.  Odinga responded by calling for his Luo tribe supporters to rise up in violent tribal protests against Kibaki. Many hundreds of people were killed in the tribal violence. Some 800 Christian churches were destroyed. (No Muslim mosques were damaged at all.)  In order to stop the violence, the position of prime minister was created for Odinga, so he could share the power along with Kibaki.  The United States (including Obama) was involved in making this happen, but what they did was against the constitution of Kenya which does not allow for a prime minister under an elected President as head of state.  So, these people are breaking the law in Kenya.


e. The massacres of Christians in Kenya following Odinga's loss in 2007 would not have occurred without having been incited by Obama and Odinga. In Kenya, this was the worst violence against other men, women and children since the massacres in 1982. Interestingly, Odinga was heavily involved in those massacres in 1982 as well - triggered by a failed coup attempt against then-president Daniel Arap Moi, an openly professing Christian. Odinga was charged with treason and evidence reportedly remains against him that he was more involved than first suspected, but the statute of limitations has expired for pressing further charges.


f. Is it possible that Odinga has truly converted to Christianity?  Yes, it is possible. But I am inclined not to believe it.  Corrupt politicians have often claimed to be Christians or to become Christians in order to fool conservative, Christian people into supporting them – or at least, into not fighting against them.  By supposedly becoming a Christian publicly in front of many people (in this video), Odinga was setting the stage for the next election so that he could defeat Kibaki for the position of President.  Muslims know that a person who is a Muslim CANNOT become a non-Muslim.  The religion of Islam teaches that any Muslim who converts to Christianity must be put to death.


g. If radical Muslims kill Odinga for converting to Christianity, then we will know that his conversion was probably true.  But no one has tried to kill him for converting yet, and I don't believe that they ever will.  That is because the ones who WOULD kill him know that he is useful to the radical Muslims - and may even be a Muslim himself, hiding behind the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya.  So, it is probable, at the very least, that Odinga is attempting to deceive Christians into believing he has converted to Christianity, so that he will have enough support to defeat Kibaki in the next elections. Whether he fulfills his promise to instigate Muslim Sharia law in Kenya after that time remains to be seen. 

3. So, why did Dr. Owuor participate in this charade?  Well, possibly because politicians and religious leaders frequently support each other in public in order to boost each other's influence among the people.  It may also have been that Dr. Owuor was deceived into believing that Odinga was sincere.  But, true men of God know that repentance and salvation are personal matters; not media spectacles, public rituals, Hollywood Celebrity ceremonies, or election campaign-style rallies. A person can certainly give his testimony of conversion to Christianity publicly – and he should – but to make a showy spectacle of the actual conversion is wrong.


4. But that is what Dr Owuor did.


5. Dr Owuor made no mention of Odinga having transgressed God's law.  Odinga exhibited no fruit meet for repentance, no evidence of a broken spirit, no evidence of a contrite heart, no evidence of remorse for his sins, and no knowledge or understanding of having transgressed God's law.  In fact, most of the prayer pertained to the prosperity and good things that God would supposedly do for the people following this public 'conversion'.


6. Deceivers almost always promise health, prosperity and good times in exchange for submission to their teachings.  But Jesus promised us tribulation while we are in this world (John 16:33), and good things later - in the life to come (I Cor 2:9).








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