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False Prophet - Dr Owuor: Vision of the Black Horse

Endtime Article - E.0101

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1. Ok, let's examine the ten videos about Dr Owuor's vision of the black horse.  Except for his use of new bible versions, I was generally impressed with the first four of the videos in which Dr Owuor talked about deception in the church, the need for personal growth (pastors and laymen alike), and the fact that redemption is not completed until we enter the Kingdom of God.  I have several pages of notes, but will only document some of them - by reference to the video and to the specific time in that video when a comment was made, as follows: 

a. Video 1:  At the (:50) min mark, Dr Owuor used the Amplified bible and the NIV as his authority for his doctrines, as he did throughout all of the videos.  As you know, we have found that only the King James bible is God's word in English.  ALL of the new versions have contradictions, errors or omissions in them.  The Amplified bible and the NIV are not God's word.  This was the most disturbing part of the first four videos.  The fact that Dr Owuor had several deep truths and good teachings in these videos doesn't change the fact that he relies on something other than God's word as his final authority, and so eventually false doctrines will become evident.  The bible says that we are not saved by corruptible seed, but by incorruptible seed. (I Pet 1:23)


b. Video 2: Some of the things he said with which I agree occurred at: 

(1:04) Redemption is not complete until we are in the Kingdom of God – a future date

(6:25) False prophets promote prosperity gospel 

c. Video 3: Some of the things he said with which I agree occurred at: 

(3:15) Full stature of growth will only come when the church overcomes sin at the return of the Lord

(3:52) There must be a moving front, continual growth in a person's life 

d. Video 4: Some of the things he said with which I agree occurred at: 

(5:00) Very good description of T.V. sermons that are simply rituals and not true messages or sermons from God

(7:53) We must have a "living" salvation or else we risk stagnation 

e. Dr Owuor said at (8:56) that even the Son does not know when he will return.  That was true while Jesus was on earth, but when he returned to heaven he was glorified with the glory that he shared with the Father before the world was (John 17:5), so he now knows exactly when he will return.  The verse to which Dr Owuor referred (Mark 13:32) is used by people who believe in a pre-tribulation rapture to suggest that no one knows when the Lord will return – not even Jesus himself.  That is wrong doctrine. Jesus does know now, and we will know before he returns, if we are watching for the signs that he said would precede his coming. 

2. Beginning at Video 5, Dr Owuor moves from what he calls the "foundation" of his message into the message itself – which turns out to be a description of several visions he claims to have had.  I will not document all of the notes that I have taken, but will summarize the issues, as follows: 

a. Video 5: At the (:50) minute mark he teaches that the Red horse takes peace from the earth and represents bloodshed. (1:52) Dr Owuor claims to have seen the Red horse in 2004 and says that he saw the Red horse running across the globe in 2008. 

NOTE: The bible is written in such a way that you must compare spiritual things with spiritual and must look for parallel passages that add more information to our understanding of passages that, at first, may not be clear.  The four horses described in the first four seals of the book of Revelation are WHITE, RED, BLACK and PALE.  I believe that these horses mentioned in Rev 6:1-8 are the same four horses as the teams of horses pulling chariots mentioned in (Zech 6:1-8): RED, BLACK, WHITE, GRISLED-BAY.  (Notice how God uses the sixth chapter and the first eight verses of both books – Zechariah and Revelation - to exactly describe these horses, to help us remember where the verses are and to indicate that they are both referring to the same spirits.) 

Zech 6:5 says that these horses are "the four spirits of the heavens, which go forth from standing before the LORD of all the earth".  According to Zechariah these horses – and their exact colours – represent four major spirits that have influence over the world today.  I believe they are, as follows: 

1) The white horse is Catholicism (the Pope dresses in white, he has a white pope-mobile, a white helicopter, and – if he has one – it would be a white horse)


2) The red horse is Communism (If you have studied communism then you would know about Red-Russia, Red-China, and the fact that Red is the colour of Socialism/Communism)


3) The black horse is Capitalism (The colour black is used to represent capitalism, even by Time Magazine and other secular sources today.  The fight between red and black – communism and capitalism – is a battle that continues right to this very moment).


4) The pale horse is the spirit of Islam. (If you look at all Muslim flags, clothing, lighting, and symbols, you will notice a sea of pale green everywhere.  Even the word "Palestinian" begins with the word "Pale" – which is another hint that God has given us to help us understand these things.) 

Zech 6:6 says that the black horses (Capitalism) "go forth into the north country".  Think about it.  Almost ALL of the capitalistic countries – the countries with WEALTH are in the NORTHERN hemisphere.  Zech 6:8 says that these horses have "quieted God's spirit" in the north country.  Think about it.  The capitalistic countries (Canada, the U.S. and Europe), the countries of the north, are driven by materialism, not by spirituality.


Zech 6:6 goes on to say that the white horses (Catholicism) 'go forth after the black horses'.  Think about it.  The Catholic church is always courting prominent, wealthy people, and wealthy leaders – following the money.


Zech 6:6 goes on to say that the grisled (half of the Pale horse – the grisled and bay spirits) "go forth toward the south country".  (Rev 6:8) says that the rider of the Pale horse was "Death".  Think about it.  Most of the poverty and death in the world is in the SOUTHERN hemisphere – Africa and South America. This verse goes on to say that "Hell followed with him".  It makes perfect sense that "Hell" would follow "Death", particularly given that the Pale horse is the spirit of Islam wherein those who die will be swallowed by "Hell" because they reject Jesus as Saviour.


Zech 6:7 says that the bay horse (the Pale horse) goes "to and fro through the earth".  Think about it.  Death occurs everywhere in the earth, just as this says.  So, the Pale horse, "Death" is represented by two spirits – the grisled and bay – one who causes death randomly throughout all the world, but the other who causes a concentration of death in the SOUTHERN hemisphere.  The rider of this Pale horse is "Death", and "Hell" follows after him.


Rev 6:8 says that this Pale horse has power over one forth of the earth.  If the Pale horse is the spirit of Islam, as I believe, then we would expect one-quarter of the earth to be Muslim from this prophecy - and it is!  There are just over 1.5 billion Muslims in the world! 

b. It bothers me that Dr Owuor claims to have had a vision of all of these horses.  Why would God give him a vision of these things?  God has already written these things in his word.  If Dr. Owuor's vision is consistent with the visions of Zechariah (Zechariah chapter 6) and of John (Revelation chapter 6) then why would Dr Owuor need to have had the visions and why would we need to hear about them?  We already have God's word.  And, if Dr. Owuor's visions are NOT consistent with the visions of Zechariah and John, then they are unscriptural and need to be rejected.  Also, if they add to God's word, then he is claiming to have advanced revelation from God when God himself commanded that no one was to add to the things that God himself had written (Rev 22:18).


c. Video 6:  Dr Owuor claims at the (2:00) minute mark that the rapture will occur and then the second coming of the Lord will occur 7 years later.  Dr Owuor is wrong about this.  The rapture will occur at the end of the tribulation when the Lord returns, exactly as Matt 24:29-31 teaches – "immediately after the tribulation of those days".  This is a very large topic and I realize people disagree about the timing of the rapture, but that is because they haven't put all of the pieces of the puzzle together yet.  They only look at some of the passages and assume we will be raptured before the tribulation.  But, the important thing I want to mention here is that Dr Owuor is not simply claiming to be an ordinary Christian who might disagree with me or others about what God's word says regarding the timing of the rapture and the meaning of the coloured horses.  No.  He claims that God personally showed him these visions and that we should therefore take heed to his words.


d. Dr Owuor claims that the Holy Spirit personally took him to heaven to learn these things as he stood between two of the elders at the very throne of God (Video 6, from 3:05 - 4:00 minute marks).  This is a very presumptuous claim that purports to put Dr Owuor on the same level as the Apostle John, who had these visions in the first place and who wrote the book of Revelation.


e. Dr Owuor claims that he saw the vision of the black horse being released (Video 7, from 2:50 minute mark to 4:10).  Again, he is claiming the same revelation experience as John himself.  At (3:08) he claims to have seen the four living creatures around the throne of God.  At (3:35) he claims the black horse was released.  At (3:55) he claims that the next thing is for the Messiah to return.  This is false teaching.  The messiah (Jesus) will not return yet.  There are many proofs, but I will refer to II Thess 2:3 only for now.  It appears that the Thessalonians also believed, in error, that the rapture could occur at any moment.  Paul had taught them about the rapture in I Thess 4:16-18, but they started to believe that it could happen 'at any moment'.  So, to correct their error, Paul wrote II Thess to them.  In II Thess 2:3, Paul warns them not to let any man deceive them, because "that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition".  These are just two of the things that must happen BEFORE the rapture.


f. Dr Owuor claims at (Video 7, from 7:15 to 7:35 minute marks) that the upcoming war with Iran is post-rapture.  (That means the war is AFTER the rapture – or that the rapture will occur first.)  Remember this prophecy of his, because I am telling you that Dr Owuor is wrong.  The sixth trumpet war is just ahead of us and will probably include Iran, but the rapture is not yet.  A few years later, Russia will lead Iran and other nations against Jerusalem at the battle of Armageddon.  THAT is when the rapture will occur – at the second coming of Jesus.


g. Dr Owuor uses the NASB (Video 7, 8:00 minute mark).  At (8:05) he claims that these wars (Iraq, Iran, etc) are the red horse wars.  No, they are actually the 5th, 6th and 7th trumpet wars.  The red horse is Communism which is a controlling spirit over the earth but Iraq and Iran are Muslim, not communist.  They are driven by the Pale horse in the fourth seal, not by the red horse of the second seal.  The first four seals have already been opened.


h. Dr Owuor claims at (Video 7, 9:45 minute mark) that God makes him announce these things, and then they take place.  Dr. Owuor is claiming to be a prophet directly speaking on behalf of God, (which would put him on the same level as the Apostle John).  But, we have God's word itself; therefore, it would be unnecessary for God to warn us again by way of another prophet.  And the fact that Dr Owuor is wrong about some of these things proves that he is not speaking on behalf of God.


i. Dr Owuor claims at (Video 8, 3:50 minute mark) that "the next time a horse is released, the rapture has occurred". He goes on to say that we have the Holy Spirit here now – implying that we won't have the Holy Spirit during the great tribulation.  The scriptures do not teach that false doctrine. (In fact, no one could be saved, if the Holy Spirit left – Rom 8:9).  Dr Owuor goes on to say (5:15) that "the next time "it" happens we are in the tribulation" – which he says is after the rapture.  At (6:55) he claims that God gave him a vision in India where God showed him the "Antichrist".  At (9:25) he claims that he is speaking directly for God, the Holy Spirit, "He is telling me here; tell them to prepare, quick".


j. Dr Owuor claims at (Video 9, 1:50 minute mark) that he wants to awaken the people, and that he saw the Antichrist come from the sea (2:05) – which again puts him on the same level as the Apostle John.  He goes on to say that (3:18) that the wedding of the Lamb takes place and then this war with Iran takes place, because this is the build-up to the battle of Armageddon.  It is true that these are different wars, but it is absolutely NOT true that the wedding of the Lamb takes place first.  This is a false teaching that gives false hope to people.  The bible is clear that the marriage of the Lamb (Rev 19:7) is around the time of the battle of Armageddon (Rev 16:16).


k. Dr Owuor claims that the Lord brought him to see something – something came from heaven and hit the Antichrist on the head and he collapsed and died (Video 9, 4:05 minute mark).  This is another false teaching that has been around for many years.  The antichrist will NOT be struck on the head and die.  The bible actually teaches that ONE of the SEVEN heads of the beast (the Kingdoms of the antichrist) will be wounded unto death but will be healed.  This is not talking about a man.  It is talking about one of the four heads of the leopard (the third Reich, or kingdom, of Germany) that would be wounded unto death (which happened in 1945) and the division of Germany by way of the Berlin wall was seen by the world as "the 29 mile wound that just won't heal".  But in Nov 1989, the Berlin wall came down, Germany was re-united, the New World Order was announced, and the world 'wondered after the world-government beast' that had recovered from the deadly wound.  I lived through this time period and watched these events closely.  Dr. Owuor is simply teaching false doctrines that have been circulated for many years.  He did not have a vision from God about this.


l. At (Video 9, 6:20 minute mark) Dr Owuor repeats that the second coming is "seven years post-rapture".  This alone proves that he is a false teacher.  But, he is not just a false teacher.  He is claiming to be speaking directly for God, as a prophet, with visions of heaven given to him directly by the Holy Ghost.  So, he is a false prophet and a deceiver – because God did NOT give him those visions that he claims.  OR, he has been completely deceived by Satan into believing that he had visions from God, when it was actually Satan that gave him the visions.  In either case, Dr Owuor is wrong.


m. At (Video 10, 3:30 minute mark), Dr Owuor repeats his claim again that the rapture can happen "at any minute now".  This is false teaching, and gives false hope.  I already mentioned II Thess 2:3 to refute this.  I also mentioned Matt 24:29-31 to refute this.  Here is another proof: 

1) Paul wrote that when the rapture occurs, the dead in Christ will rise first and then we which are alive and remain will be caught up together in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. (I Thess 4:16-18).  That will be a massive RESURRECTION of people.  The people who have believed in Christ in the past 2000 years will be resurrected along with all of the saints of the Old Testament who put their faith in the coming messiah.  So, the RESURRECTION at the RAPTURE is a massive RESURRECTION.


2) The bible says that there will be TWO resurrections: the resurrection of the just unto life and the resurrection of the wicked unto damnation (John 5:29 – and other passages)


3) John wrote in (Rev 20:4-6) that when Jesus returns, some of his saints whom he will reward will be the ones who were beheaded for the witness of Jesus and for the word of God and who had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands. (Rev 20:4)  Obviously, these saints were on earth during the great tribulation, or else they couldn't have done these things.  The next verse says that THESE saints will be resurrected in the FIRST resurrection. (Rev 20:5)


4)  So, if the saints who lived during the great tribulation will be resurrected in the FIRST resurrection, at the END of the great tribulation – when Jesus returns – then there could NOT have been a resurrection and rapture seven years earlier as Dr Owuor is teaching – or else this resurrection of the beheaded saints (Rev 20:4) at the end of the great tribulation would be the SECOND resurrection; not the FIRST one.


5) The bible is clear in many places that Jesus will return for his bride "immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days" (Matt 24:29-31).  That is also why we are repeatedly commanded to WATCH (for the signs) and to BE READY for it; not to think it will simply happen "at any moment" when we may not even be thinking about it.  No true Christian will be taken off guard by the rapture.  We will know exactly when it is about to occur (I Thess 5:4-5 and other verses).


6) We know that many of these saints during the great tribulation will be beheaded for their faith. It is arrogant to think that Jesus would rapture "us" and be CELEBRATING the marriage supper of the lamb with "us" while many of his faithful saints are laying down their lives for him on the earth.  NO.  The Lord will rapture all of us together (I Thess 4:16-17). 

3. If Dr Owuor was only teaching these things as most other men taught them - pastors and teachers alike, I would say that he is simply wrong and not worry about it.  But, Dr Owuor does not teach these things like you or I would.  He claims to have special revelation from God.  He claims to have been told by God himself, the Holy Ghost himself to teach these things.  He claims to have seen these things in visions just like the Apostle John saw – when there is no scriptural support for anyone seeing the same things, and there is good scriptural reason for why he WOULDN'T have seen such things.  He claims to have been with Moses and Elijah and Daniel - other prophets – fantastic claims that strain the credulity of reasonable minds and that break scriptures.  According to the scriptures, we are to have no communication with those who have died.  The word of God is complete.  We are commanded to search it, to study it, to believe it, and to continue in it.  We do not need "prophets" to warn us of these things today.  God's word is truth.  The words of this prophet - Dr Owuor - are not truth.  Therefore, God is not the source of his visions.  Therefore, Dr. Owuor is a false prophet.


4. It is common for Pentecostal-type prophets to claim that they are Elijah, or to imply that they are Elijah – God's messenger preceding the Lord's second coming.  Among others, Frank Sandford, John Dowie, William Branham and Benny Hinn have made such claims or implications. So, it is no surprise that Dr Owuor – having claimed to be with Moses, Elijah, Daniel, the Holy Ghost, God the Father, the four living beings, and the elders around the throne – would claim to be among them.  Jesus warned us in Matt 24:4 to take heed that NO man deceive us.  He said that false teachers and false prophets would come claiming that Jesus is Christ; but would deceive many.  And he said that even the elect would be deceived, if it were possible. (Matt 24:24)  So, we have to be very careful about the claims of such men.  Satan is a master deceiver, and he will empower the Antichrist and the false prophet to deceive the whole world with signs and lying wonders, flatteries, miracles, good words and fair speeches.


5. Satan used God's word to deceive Eve in the Garden of Eden and to tempt Jesus in the wilderness; but he always mixes error in with the truth of God's word.  I believe that Dr Owuor is either deceived by Satan, or he is making these stories up to be famous among the people.  In either case, his claims are not true.  I am sorry to have to conclude that, because I like the man and appreciated many of the things he said in the first four videos.  But, his use of NASB, NIV and Amplified bibles was a good warning that false teachings would eventually be coming from him, and once he began to talk about the visions that God supposedly gave him, it became clear what some of those false teachings were.








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